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Dr. Dimitris Panagopoulos 


Dr. Panagopoulos was born in 1977 in Glyfada, where he received his early education. He studied biology at the university of Crete, where he received an honorary scholarship annually. In 2000, he received his academic degree with a specification in molecular biology.

Later, he was accepted by the biology department of the university of Athens for his Ph.D., carried out at the Alexander Fleming biomedical sciences research center under director Dr. George Mosialos. Each year of his studies, he was awarded the Alexander Fleming honorary scholarship. In 2004, he received a Ph.D. in molecular biology and biotechnology from Athens university.

Meanwhile, he was accepted by the postgraduate MBA program at the university of Frankfurt, where he attended in 2002, holding the Wolfgang Goethe scholarship. In 2006, he received a second Ph.D. in green biotechnology and bioinformatics from Frankfurt university.

In 2006, Dr. Panagopoulos founded Green Biotech, a biology research services B2B company in Germany, the USA, and Greece. Green Biotech has been awarded the innovation award in green biotechnology in the EU and in the USA. 

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