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Green Biotech

Green Biotech is a biology research services company active in the field since 2008, offering a wide range of innovative industrial and environmental services. Green Biotech has been awarded the Innovation Award in Green Biotechnology in the EU and in the USA. 

Research Services in Biology

Proficiency Testing Schemes
Certified Management System
Reliable and Valid Results

Green Biotechnology Research

Research in applications of photosynthetic organisms to generate industrially useful products such as biofuels and pharmaceutical substances.

Molecular Tests of Products

Research in applications of detection of germs, bacteria, fungi, viruses, and GMOs in products, ensuring their safety and quality.

Detection & Quantitation Tests

Research in applications of detection and quantitation of natural or synthetic chemical compounds in screening tests and in biomarkers.


Green Biotech is an official member of the International Research Cloud for Biochemistry and Biotechnology (IRCBB). The entirety of the methods and protocols used follow international scientific standards and international guidelines.

Metsovou 27 & Ioanninon 63 Glyfada 166 74 GREECE tel: ​+30 210 96 34 829​

445-7 Sutter St San Francisco CA 94108 USA tel: +1 650 534 2284

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